Will Drafting Will Drafting

Having a plan to accumulate wealth is important but it is equally important to have a plan to distribute your wealth to those you wish to. Having an Will Draft in place helps you do this.
Writing a Will is the simplest form of Will Drafting.

With a Will, you can make proper arrangement for the protecting and preservation of your assets for the benefit of your family and loved ones. It helps you reduce a lot of hassles for beneficiaries and at the same time ensures that wealth is distributed in the right hands.

At ICICIdirect, we can assist you draft a Will by professional legal experts who have all the relevant experience and expertise in this field.

This service is available at a fee of Rs. 11,800 (inclusive of all taxes), to be paid upfront. For more details, mail us at wds@icicisecurities.com. We look forward to partnering you in fulfilling all your financial goals.