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What benefits or rewards will the referrer get?

On every successful referral, the referrer will get Rs 500 cash in his account.

What benefits or rewards will the referee get?

The referee will get free demat and trading Account along with additional benefits worth Rs. 11673. Terms and conditions apply.

When will referrer be rewarded?

The referrer will receive the referral reward within 7 working days once referee account is activated i.e. demat and trading account is opened after complete document & application verification in lines with the SEBI / Exchange regulations and internal policies and procedures of the company.

Can Employees of ICICI Group, Agent or Business Partner participate in Refer & Earn program?

This "Refer and Earn" program is strictly meant for clients. Hence, all employees (and their immediate family members) of ICICI Securities and ICICI Group are not eligible for this "Refer & Earn" program. All employees of the ICICI Group are required to use the referral link enabled through the ICICI Universe/Intranet.

What is the eligibility criteria for the Referral Program?

The person who is referred needs to open an account by clicking on the unique referral link that has been shared with him / her. If the referred person opens an account without clicking on the referral link then in such case the referrer will not be eligible for the referral reward.

How many times referrals can be given by a client?

There are no restrictions in giving referrals, clients can refer and earn money multiple times in ICICI direct referral program.

How many referrals can be given in one go?

Referrer can refer up to 5 family and friends in one go.

Who is referee?

Referee is an individual who has been referred for opening his/ her Demat & Trading account with ICICIdirect by the Referrer.

For whom is the Referral offer applicable?

The referral offer is open only to clients who have an account with ICICI direct.

What details are to be provided by referrer while referring?

Referrer needs to provide his mobile number registered with ICICI direct account along with the name, mobile and email id of the referee.

Who is a referrer?

Referrer is an existing client of ICICI direct, who refers his friends/family for opening Free Demat & Trading Account with ICICI direct.