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Our Financial Planning Services are designed to help you take the right decisions while you invest. Here is how a Financial Plan is really the answer for you to feel secure about your investment journey.
First Step

Once you subscribe... our Advisor will spend time with you understanding your financial situations, your life goals, your current investments and risk perception.

Why do we need to profile you? Your Financial plan should reflect your goals, aspirations and what you want to do with money. That is why it is important for our planners to spend time with you to truly understand you.

Know why financial planning is important

The core reason is simple: In order to attain your financial goals.Further, there are three key aspects that call for prudent planning of finances. These are: Inflation, Changing Lifestyles and Retirement.

Inflation leads to a fall in the purchasing power of money over a period of time. Financial planning helps ensure that you are better prepared to deal with the impact of inflation, especially in retirement when expenses continue but sources of income dry up.

Changing Lifestyles:
With higher disposable incomes, it is common for individuals to upgrade their standard of living. For instance, cars were considered luxuries not too long ago but are a necessity today. Financial planning plays a key role in helping individuals and families, both upgrade and maintain their lifestyle.

Planning for our retirement is a compelling need. The retired period will increase in the coming years and the responsibility to ensure we have a regular income is no one else's but ours. We need to be prepared so that our investments will generate enough income for 18-20 years of our retired life. Financial planning helps prepare for this important phase of life.

Plan Preparation

Your plan is prepared with great care by our expert financial planner and requires considerable effort to be made. Financial planning at it’s core helps to match your assets with your liabilities (your goals) in a way that you take calculated risks. We look at over 2.5 million investment paths while preparing your plan. This is all to ensure that you get an advice that is just right for you.

Know more on our methodology

Our Financial and Retirement Planning approach is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and places your asset allocation strategy at the core of the plan.

The seminal portfolio theory proposed by Harry Markowitz, a renowned American economist, remains even today a core model for defining asset allocation strategies and managing a portfolio.

We start with our long-term market expectations that comprise the current macro-economic scenario, asset volatility and other statistics. This forms the basis for selecting efficient allocations. To recast the performance of these efficient allocations in the future, we use simulation techniques and recommend a unique path for every investment that you make towards a goal.

Traditionally methods in financial planning are based on deterministic models. These models though simpler to implement, do not always consider short-term risks. Our approach adopts a more contemporary and probabilistic approach which blends in the MPT to give an asset allocation strategy.

In many ways retirement planning is a cash flow jigsaw puzzle. There are your investments on one side and regular cash requirement on the other. So the investments have to be placed in a way that you have enough or more cash when you need at the same time the investments grow to take care of the impact of inflation in the future. Your yearly investments for every goal can take a different path depending on the type of the goal and the horizon. For every goal, we choose the best path from over 2.5 million simulations for each of your annual investments for these goals.

Once we collect the information on your goals, current financial assets, income and other details, we work on a customized retirement plan for you. Our recommended financial action plan gives you a savings rate to adhere to, an optimal asset allocation to do an immediate re-balancing, and a target asset allocation for future investments. Your allocations can also be tracked online so that you can invest based on an action plan, which is based on your goals and a scientific approach.

Know what you can expect in the Plan

Our financial planning service handholds you through all the steps of the financial planning process at your doorstep. Our service is focused upon:

Your Income - Expenses Analysis
It helps you understand your spending pattern and guides you in managing your expenses, if any, in order to increase your investible surplus and achieve your goals.

Goal Planning
Planning your goals is the crux of financial planning process. We help you identify, prioritize and achieve your life goals, including retirement, through comprehensive analysis.

Asset Allocation
is the single most important factor in investment success. We identify your current asset allocation and recommend a suitable one based on your goals.

Insurance Planning
Being adequately insured is must in order to protect your family in case of an untoward event. We identify your insurance requirement against possible risks and suggest you the suitable way forward.

Cash Flow Management
Forecasting your future cash inflows and outflows at various life stages can be a complex task. We help you make it easier.

Online Tracking
Our service also helps you track your portfolio online.

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Intelligent Track&Act™ Platform

Once the plan is ready, it is incorporated on your account so you can execute and track your plan online, at your convenience and at all points of time. A new advisory platform Track&ActTM will be enabled on your account.

Our intelligent Track&ActTM platform works 24 hours and gives you triggers if you are maintaining your asset allocations right, help you track if you are saving as per the plan and even advice you where to invest into or withdraw from.

Know more on Track&ActTM
Keep a track on your asset allocation and balance as per plan. While each of your goals are covered with a different asset allocation strategy, for your ease you need to just monitor the overall asset allocation.
Know if you are saving enough as per plan
And track if your investments are growing as per expectations.
The intelligent system also guides you on where to invest if you have a surplus and where to withdraw from your investments
What's More

You get quarterly review on your progress by our expert financial planner. You have access to a toll free number where you can ask any personal finance, basic tax queries or even questions on Will Drafting free of cost. We have a panel of financial planners, Chartered Accountants and lawyers to help you with the queries.

The advise you get is under the Investment Advisory Regulations 2013 by SEBI, so you know that you get advice from qualified advisors and advice that is in your best interest.

Know how investment advisory regulations impact you

The Investment Advisors Regulations put down guidelines and qualifications on who can advise you. Any one registered under the regulations is required to adhere to these guidelines.

ICICI Securities Investment Advisory Services is registered with SEBI as an investment advisor and you can be assured that you receive an advice that is in your best interest.

Investment Advisory Services are fee based services. You may ask, why do we charge when advice is freely available ... A professional advice whether it is by a doctor, a lawyer or an accountant is always paid for. Your plan requires considerable efforts as it takes into account your personal situation, your risk perception, and the economic situation to give you advice that is just right for you. The report is made by a professional who considers various scenarios before dispensing an advice. Because you get a plan in hand, you do not end up buying a product that is not suitable for you. Remember that a bad free-advice can turn up to be more expensive if you buy a product or follow an investment strategy that is not suitable for you.

"This service is available in 3 variants with fee ranging from ₹ 7,500 to ₹ 17,500 (inclusive of all taxes), to be paid upfront. The variant with in-person discussion with advisor is available at limited cities only. To know more, please write to us at"