Brokerage in Cash

Total Eligible Turnover
(Per calendar Quarter)
Brokerage (%) Second Leg Of Intraday Trades Effective Brokerage on
Intraday Squareoff
Irrespective of turnover 0.55 NIL 0.275%
  • The minimum brokerage for transactions upto ₹ 6364 on stocks quoting more than ₹ 10 is ₹ 35/- per trade or 0.75% of the trade value whichever is lower. Brokerage rates as mentioned above, will be charged for trade value exceeding ₹ 6364
  • Brokerage on stocks quoting upto ₹ 10 would be levied at ₹ 0.05 per share. The total brokerage on such trade would be higher of ₹0.05 per share or ₹ 35, subject to maximum of ₹ 0.25 per share. All Statutory charges would be levied over and above the brokerage
  • All Systematic Equity Plan transactions would attract brokerage equivalent to Cash segment. The minimum brokerage for transactions up to ₹ 2727 is ₹ 15 or 0.75% whichever is lower. All statuary charges would be levied over and above minimum brokerage. Brokerage rate mentioned above would be levied for trade value exceeding ₹ 2727

Goods and Services Tax (GST), Securities Transaction Tax (STT), SEBI turnover charges, Transaction Charges(inclusive of GST) and Stamp duty will be charged in addition to brokerage as follows :

  • GST will be charged at 18% on total value of brokerage
  • Securities Transaction Tax (STT) at 0.1% on turnover
  • SEBI turnover charges at 0.00015% on turnover
  • Transaction Charges will be charged @ 0.00285% for NSE and Rs 0.75 per trade basis for all scrip's for BSE (Except for BSE listed securities "X","XC","XD","XT","Z","ZP","P" where transaction charges will be 0.1% and SS and ST segment 1% on turnover, "M","MT", "R" will be 0.0028%). Applicable GST would be charged over & above Transaction charges
  • For scrips falling under "SS" and "ST" category of BSE, Transaction Charges will be charged @ 1.0% on turnover. Rate charged on the contract note shall be similar to "X" segment and the differential rate shall be recovered separately. Debit note shall be issued for such recovery which can be viewed under "Customer Service > Statements > Debit / Credit Note"
  • Applicable State wise Stamp Duty charges as per delivery and non-delivery would be levied on turnover
  • Cash Brokerage shall be levied for Orders placed in OFS and Buyback apart from all other statutory charges

Second leg of intra day square off transaction in cash will not be charged any brokerage

All charges are calculated upto four decimal and are rounded off to two decimal for Credit/Debit purpose

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