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Refer & Earn

Please Copy the link below and forward to your Friends & Family via Email, Text, WhatsApp etc. Your reference has to click on the link to start registration for account opening process.
NRI Referral Program
NRI Referral Program


Who is a referrer?

Who is referee?

What benefits or rewards will the referrer get?

On every successful referral, the referrer will get Rs 2000 cash.TDS of 5% will be deducted during credit as per Income Tax guidelines. Please refer T&C link for more details on TDS applicability.Funds will be credited to NRE Bank account linked to trading account. If there is no NRE account, funds will be credited to NRO bank account linked to trading account.

What benefits or rewards will the referee get?

How many number of referrals can be given by referrer?

When will referrer be rewarded?

Can Employees of ICICI Group, Agent or Business Partner participate in Refer & Earn program?

For whom is the Referral offer applicable?

What is the eligibility criteria for the Referral Program?

How do I refer my friends and family to open ICICI Direct Account?


Please note that you should not solicit any person to open account with ICICI Direct in contravention of laws applicable in relevant jurisdiction. Under referral program, you are expected to refer your acquaintances who wants to open investment account in India. While referring a person, you are not allowed to act as agent of ICICI Direct. You will be responsible for sending any communications to the referred persons and applicable compliances and restrictions in relevant jurisdiction.