Why ICICIdirect?

Here are 6 reasons why.
Financial Superstore
Count on us for any financial solution. We have more than 50 products and services.
Instant Liquidity
Our wealth team uses first-in-class innovations like Prime Instant Liquidity (up to 1 cr) & comprehensive portfolio views to grow your wealth.
Safe & secure
You can trust us. We are backed by the ICICI group. We have been servicing customers from 2 decades.
Award Winning Research
Discover opportunities in any investment class. Our award-winning research teams have a 75% strike rate since inception.
Advanced tools
Stay ahead with trading innovations. We are the first to offer Price Improvement, Cloud and Valid Till Cancel orders.
Easily Accessible
We are available everywhere. Online, on-call and in-person visits.

ICICIdirect.com is a great place to start your investment journey.

  • ICICIdirect.com has a client base of over 4.9 million. ICICIdirect has a nationwide network of 171 ICICIdirect Stores in over 70 cities.
  • The unique 3 in 1 account links your ICICI Bank Savings Account, a Demat and your ICICIdirect account.
  • You can invest into Equities, Deposits, Mutual Funds including Tax Savings Schemes and various other products at the click of a button. And because all your investments are at one place it is much easier to manage.
  • Your Relationship Managers will assist and guide you in taking the first step.
  • Through our Center for Financial Learning, you also have access to a wide range of learning resources including online and class room trainings.