Portfolio Management Services

Premium investment vehicle for consistent returns

Portfolio Management Service offers professional management of investments with an aim to deliver superior risk adjusted returns. It also saves clients from all monitoring hassles with regular reviews and risk management. All this makes it an ideal investment avenue for high net worth investors.

Professionally managed quality portfolio:
The portfolio is managed by seasoned professionals who have considerable experience in equity markets. They manage the portfolio adhering to the strategy communicated to the clients.

Scope for higher risk adjusted returns:
As PMS usually have concentrated stock portfolio, it has better chance to generate superior returns over the underlying index, especially if the portfolio is recalibrated to compensate the market volatility.

Diversification of risk:
Since the stock market is uncertain and volatile at times, investment in PMS will look to diversify the risk and thereby reduce the impact of adverse events on the portfolio.

ICICI Securities Limited – Discretionary PMS

The focus is on offering differentiated and value products, which helps in earning returns from new and relatively less risky propositions than those offered in PMS space. Currently offering a smart beta PMS, with pipeline to offer similar new products.

"ICICI Securities Ltd. provides portfolio management services to the investors directly without any intermediation of any persons engaged in distribution services. It may appoint distributor / intermediaries for the purpose of distribution of its PMS products in which case also investors will have the option to be on-boarded directly without any intermediation."

In case of any grievance / query relating to portfolio management services (PMS), kindly write to us on pmshelpdesk@icicisecurities.com or call contact our customer service team on 1860 123 1122.