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In an effort to enhance security of the trading accounts of the clients, the National Stock Exchange of India has recommended the following norms regarding change of password.

·     You will have to change your password compulsorily every 14 calendar days. 

o    On login after the 14th day from your previous change of password, you will be taken to the "Change Password" screen.

·   The New password cannot be the same as the immediate previous password. (IMPORTANTEXAMPLE: abcd1234 is your password for Jan 1- Jan 14, your password from Jan 15th to Jan 28th can be wxyz4321. From Jan 29th to Feb 10th your password can again be abcd1234.)

·     The password cannot be the same as your User ID.

·      The password will have to be alphanumeric, and preferably with one special character.

·     Special characters that can be used are ! @ # $ % ^ & * (  ).

·     Your password must have minimum 8 characters and not more than 12 characters.

To change your trading password, log in to the Customer Service page of and click “CHANGE PASSWORD” in the Profile section.

If you enter an erroneous password on three consecutive occasions, your account will get locked. To unlock your account, please visit the Customer Service section or Click here to unlock your account

 In case you forget your Password, you can apply for a new trading password online on the Customer Service section or Click here to apply for a new password. has implemented the above password policy with effect from July 21, 2006 .

For queries and clarifications, please write to or call our 24 hour Phone Banking and we will be glad to be of assistance to you.

Disclaimer: The example suggested above is provided for the convenience of the customers and may be followed at their sole discretion. ICICIdirect would not be liable for any losses in the adverse event, the trading account is accessed and misused by unauthorized users, on adherence to the above practice


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