NRI Prepaid plan detail

Savings as compared to Normal NRI brokerage plan of 1.25%

Prepaid Plan (Rs) Brokerage Savings in brokerage
10,000 0.75% 40%
50,000 0.50% 60%
1,00,000 0.35% 70%
2,00,000 0.30% 72%
3,00,000 0.20% 84%

NRI Prepaid Plan Terms & Conditions

  • Prepaid brokerage comes with a lifetime validity of 15 years. You can utilize the prepaid brokerage within a span of 15 years or till the time the eligible turnover is exhausted whichever is earlier.
  • Rs 20/- plus GST would be charged towards demat processing charges for each debit instruction from your demat account for your sale obligations
  • In case you opt to continue with the full tenure of Prepaid, after 15 years any un-utilized brokerage balance will be refunded back to your account and your account will be mapped to normal brokerage of 1.25% after that
  • All regulatory and statutory charges would be levied over & above brokerage. For more details on statutory charges please log on to > Customer service Page
  • Please maintain sufficient free balance in your linked Bank Account, so that your account is mapped to the prepaid brokerage plan post successful debit of prepaid brokerage.